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For The Girl

Alt Indie-Rock

The energetic Indie Pop Rock sextet from Nottingham bring their own pack of playing cards to the table. With an eclectic amalgamation of five different genres, the ‘band that should clash’ bring a well-received style of music wherever they play that you can’t help but get into.

Frontman Sam Plenty’s unique style and vocal tone, along with Rhythm guitarist Josh King’s distinctive scratchy style of play, have been heading the line-up from the very beginning. Keyboard wizard (and overall musical genius) James Wells is the longest standing non-original member, recently returned from a short break. With his funk/jazz style like no other and with his ability to play almost any instrument, he is fundamentally the musical glue behind this outfit. Foxy is close behind on the drums, with his solid old skool classic rock sound hybridised with bright pop cymbal work and rhythms.

Jack Boylan and Tom White are recent additions to the band, joining from hard rock outfit The Tangents. Demonstrating a Beatles influenced but chunky and deep playing style, Jack bulks up the rhythm section and grounds the overall sound of the band. Tom brings a blues and hard rock musical background to the fore, with a fondness for keeping it simple in terms of sound but quite the opposite in terms of playing.

With a number of high profile gigs and UK Supporting tours under their belts, this is a band that’s clearly going places, helped by a style and sounds all of their own. Their stage presence is like no other irrespective of where they play, from small and intimate venues, to the electric crowds of the UK’s O2 Academies. With an ever growing fan base, and a standard of originals growing in leaps and bounds, these guys are certainly ones to watch.

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