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Job Title: Live Show Rep
Location: UK 




The return of live music is getting closer and we have a whole host of exciting alternative/rock and pop-punk tours ready to hit the road. With a busy schedule ahead, we are taking on some new staff to continue building our team at Bedlam Bookings. Over the years we have received a lot interest regarding work experience and opportunities to get involved in the runnings of our events. We are now accepting applications for Live Show Reps across the UK. Our main cities inc. Bristol, London, Brighton, Southampton, Cardiff, Exeter, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle and Glasgow.

This is generally a part-time/casual position but as things continue to expand so will the the workflow. Ideally we prefer our Reps to have some kind of background in events, whether that's performing, organising or studying. However, this isn't essential as all information and guidance will be provided to suitable candidates. 


If you are interested, please email with your CV and a short cover letter telling us about yourself and why you feel this position would be right for you.


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