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Dave Sheard, Tour manager, The Afterparty

"Bedlam Bookings are an absolute pleasure to work for as a rep. They work alongside you every step of the way and are always able to assist with any queries which may rise. The volume of people at each show they put on is a great credit to the hard work they do to make it all happen!"

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“I always find Nic from Bedlam to be a pleasure to liaise with. His events are programmed professionally and run smoothly on the night. He is always cool to deal with, and I have never had any problems with him or his staff. Their lineups are a good standard and generally pretty well attended. If only all our promoters were so easy to work with!”

Matt Ong

Glasswerk Promotions

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Working with Nic + the team at Bedlam as always been a pleasure, having had him as a Driver + TM with with a multiple of bands I have worked with, it's always been a smooth running operation.

Ross McClenaghan

Bedlam Show Rep

Seb Ackland

Polaris Motion Picture